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Deck Staining Near Me In Schaumburg


Your deck is an important component of your abode. So, you need to choose the best deck material that lasts for a long time, something that can withstand extreme weather conditions like summer storms, winter elements, and more. Deck staining in Schaumburg is the best method to protect your deck from damaging elements. DJ Deck Staining Company professionals can help you maintain a durable and visually appealing deck through high-quality deck stain.

Staining a deck helps to highlight beautiful wood grain and enhance its appeal. It also helps to lengthen its lifespan by protecting it from insect infestation and rot. Asking a reliable deck staining company in Schaumburg to do the job will guarantee you a long-lasting deck. Staining prevents moisture from entering the wood, which freezes during winter and causes damage. When choosing stain colors for your deck, you can choose from natural to solid colored wood stains. Call DJ Deck Staining near me in Schaumburg to experience the best deck staining service today!

Benefits Of Deck Staining Schaumburg, IL

Avoid Sun Damage

Unsealed or untreated wood receives a lot of damage from the sun. Placing a top-quality stain, on the decking will avoid the sun’s rays from entering the wood and preserve the deck’s lifespan.

Withstands Moisture

According to deck staining companies Schaumburg, same as the exterior paint of your house, deck stain can help to avoid moisture from penetrating the wood. Even if the stain doesn’t mask the wood as the paint does, deck stains act as a cover between wood and moisture. Drenched wood can start growing mold, and can grow and expand, making you replace planks and fix the deck.

Prevent Chipping

As DJ Deck Staining near me in Schaumburg we warn you that sealing one deck with sealant will not prevent all wood problems. But chipping is something that just using sealants won’t prevent or help. Deck stainers Schaumburg recommends using oil-based stain to maintain the needed moisture in the wood and also keep away excess water, restraining from warping, cracking, or moisture buildup.

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Deck Staining Schaumburg, IL - Steps

Step 1: Prep the Deck Stain Surface

Before you can apply deck stain or paint, the surface of the deck must first be prepared. At DJ Deck Staining near me in Schaumburg, we use a belt sander or orbital sander to give the deck a light sanding. The condition of the deck may require that this process is repeated.

Step 2: A Good Power-Wash

The deck will undergo a thorough cleaning followed by a power washing to remove the cleaning solvents. The deck will then be left to dry for 12 to 24 hours.

Step 3: Applying the Deck Stain

On a dry deck, our deck stainers in Schaumburg will use painter’s tape to protect from getting the stain anywhere it is not needed. The deck stain is then applied with a roller.

Step 4: Staining the Finer Details

For the deck rails, spindles, stairs, boards, and hard-to-reach areas, our deck stainers will use a paintbrush to complete the job.